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Namkeen Cracker Dip

Namkeen Cracker Dip

The Namkeen Dip is the perfect, cooling accompaniment to our lightly salted and spiced saltine cracker. Enjoy this healthy and wholesome dip, made from natural ingredients in your pantry and fridge as a quick snack, or as a wonderful treat while entertaining friends and family. You’ll wow your guests.

All you’ll need is:

• Half a bunch of Coriander (Dhania)
• A Handful of grated tasty Cheddar cheese
• A small tub of sour cream (may be substituted with Yogurt if you prefer)



What to do:

1. Open the Sour cream and drain excess moisture as best you can, or strain through a clean tea towel, cheesecloth or paper towels.
2. Place sour cream in a mixing bowl and add your chopped coriander.
3. Finely grate your cheese and throw into the bowl.
4. Give your dip a good mix and place in a serving bowl surrounded by our delicious Namkeen.

*(Dips can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge for a day or overnight)