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FMF Completes Three Silos, Launches New Product Range Pacific Stock Exchange-listed company, FMF Foods Limited has confirmed the completion of three of its six Kotzur-built silos as part of its $10 million investment announced recently.
Silos are specially-designed tower-like structure to store grain in proper conditions and weather and vermin proof.
And Kotzur is one of Australia’s premier silos manufacturing companies and carries a reputation of having built some of the finest silos there.
FMF Foods chief executive Ram Bajekal said the first three silos had already been commissioned.
“One will be completed mid August and the remaining two in October,” Mr Bajekal said.
The construction of silos is part of FMF’s routine silo replacement exercise making a difference in the quality of its products.

New Product Range
Meanwhile, Mr Bajekal also highlighted that today, they will be launching a new Fine Fare Cream Biscuit variety under its subsidiary, Biscuit Company (Fiji) Limited. Mr Bajekal said the biscuit was in a while new format that would ‘be totally consumer focused’.'


Source: Fiji Sun

Date: August 1 2014

Reported by: RANOBA BAOA