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Quality and excellence

WINNERS of the 2014 Golden Manufactures Exporter of the Year Award, FMF Foods Limited credits product quality and excellent customer service for their accolade at this year's Westpac Prime Minister's Exporter of the Year Awards in Nadi.

FMF Foods Limited Group export manager Bimlesh Prasad said customer service and quality was why the company continued to be a step ahead of their competitors.

"This is another step forward for the company to achieve its vision of being the most trusted and admired local exporter across the Pacific region," he said.

"We applied for this award and we are grateful to be recognised in this award and it signifies our dedication to our work because we have been around for a very long time.

"The two main things that we dedicate ourselves to are our on time deliveries to our customers which is basically our customer service and the quality of our product which is also essential to our business.

"Maintaining these two things is something that we will always strive to do."

Mr Prasad said the company also strived to improve their product manufacturing to ensure that customers were satisfied.

"For example, the new range of Fine Fare product that we have out now has been brought down from 250g to 120g and the best part of the product is that it is made from natural flavours which are required by our people.

"Also in our community now, there is a serious concern for NCDs and we have joined that national fight by lowering our salt content in our noodles and we were the first company to do that."

He added the company remains quality driven especially for their overseas customers. "All our production is done in Suva including all of our manufacturing.

"We are the biggest manufacturing business in terms of all of Griffins Biscuits which is a New Zealand owned company where we make Griffins Biscuits in Fiji and it is exported to New Zealand.

"Likewise, the entire home brands for certain supermarket companies in Australia.

"I believe that the quality of our product is up to the standards of countries like Australia and New Zealand."


The Fiji Times

Repeka Nasiko
Friday, November 28, 2014