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Fiji News There is investor confidence: Bajekal

Positive economic growth is boosting investor confidence in Fiji.

This is according to FMF Foods Limited chief executive Ram Bajekal who says there is investment both from local and overseas investors.

“I think what the investment shows as we keep saying the Reserve Bank has been churning out very positive indicators on Fiji’s progress and the growth – but there is nothing like seeing what is happening on the ground and this is evidence of the confidence that the investors feel into now investing into the economy and benefiting from it.”

FMF Foods Limited has announced a $40m million dollars investment plan.

A new biscuit will be constructed targeting the Melanesia export market.

The new factory will be run by its subsidiary Bakery Company of Fiji Limited.


Mon May 04, 2015

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Ritika Pratap