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FMF Thumbs Up Dalo Being Exported To UK Market

Challenges continues to be the supply of Dalo with the natural disasters affecting product

Fijian made FMF Foods’ Thumbs Up Dalo Chips is now being exported halfway across the world to the United Kingdom.

FMF Foods Group Marketing Manager, Poonam Kritika, said they had received interests from the UK market the past year for the Dalo Chips and other products.

“To our success, in March this year, we shipped a collection of our products which included our own Thumbs Up Dalo Chips to Kama UK Enterprises Limited who own a Fijian Store in UK,” she said.

FMF Snax Limited makes a variety of snacks but the Dalo Chips is unique.

It’s made from locally-grown Dalo that FMF Foods buys from farmers and is processed and packed in their manufacturing plant here.

FMF Dalo chips are available in 45g pack in the local retail stores and Ms Kritika said they continue to strive to make this product an internationally renowned product.

“Like many other globally renowned products, Thumbs Up Dalo Chips is also uniquely Fijian and gives Fiji that edge in the global market,” she said.

Challenge and potential

Ms Kritika emphasised the challenges to this product has been supply of Dalo and natural disasters.

However, she said this has not hindered them in continuing to take FMF Dalo Chips to as many customers as possible.

“We encourage resorts and players in the tourism sector to also support this product as this add to the ‘Fijian Experience’ we can provide to our visitors,” she said.

“At the same time, we are channeling the benefits from this product down to the farmers and able to encourage them to produce and help make this product world famous.”

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