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Farmers Hope To Generate Income Through Talks With FMF Foods

In an effort to generate income, farmers in Naitasiri have engaged in a dialogue with FMF Foods Ltd for the sale of dalo and cassava to process chips.

The discussion was held on Monday at Veitalacagi, Vunidawa in Naitasiri. Present were representatives from five districts.

Naitasiri Provincial Council chairman Alivereti Nabulivou said the people of Naitasiri had the resources and they needed to utilise it.

“We have the resources but not the money. We need to utilise the resources we have so we can generate income for the people of Naitasiri,” Mr Nabulivou said.

Operations Manager for FMF Snacks Ltd, Dhirend Singh said they had their first meeting with the farmers but nothing was confirmed yet.

“At the moment, first we have to do sampling, and then do test run, then see the outcome result, whether the crispness is there, whether the texture is the same as what we’re getting now, whether the colour is OK, whether the taste is OK or good or much better,” Mr Singh said.

“The sample and the specifications I told them to peel and supply, I am not sure if they will be able to do that or no because at the moment the current supplier is peeling the dalo for us and supplying to the factory.

“And our requirement is to peel and cut to size, but only the good ones, the A grade ones.

“What FMF does, because of our standard requirement, we want all our cassavas to be standard size, meaning all the cassava we slice into chips all has to be of good size.

“So if the cassava is too small or too big, we will not buy that. So the first meeting I had with them, I could see there was a bit of hesitation because at the moment whatever dalo and cassava they’re selling, they are selling without peeling.”

Mr Nabulivou said they would be selling four tons of taro, two-three tons of cassava to FMF, should there be an agreement finalised.

“Our main focus will be on farmers who plant tausala (pink taro),” Mr Nabulivou said.

Mr Singh said they wanted farmers who could continuously supply with quality product.

Fiji Sun, June 1st, 2017

By Ivamere Nataro Suva