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FMF Roti Flour in Pails

IN a bid to improve the quality and quantity of its products, the country's largest flour manufacturer has introduced 10kg roti flour in pails.

FMF Foods Ltd group marketing manager Poonam Kritika said the recent launch of their roti flour had gained great response from customers and they were confident the newest offer would be well received.

Ms Kritika yesterday said this was the first time in Fiji for flour to be packed and provided in pails and it could serve multiple purposes.

She said the product provided great convenience for transporting and storing flour and the pails were reusable therefore a great value for many families who would use this for storing water for household use and those that now had a permanent flour storing container.

Roti flour was initially launched as 4kg, 2kg and 5kg packs.

"With consumer demand this extended to 10kg bags which is a size which sells the most in Fiji.

"We at FMF continuously collect feedbacks from our customers on how they use, store and consume our product."

Ms Kritika said the advantage of FMF Foods Ltd having a subsidiary specialising in packaging solutions, it enabled FMF's product development team to work with the team of Atpack (Atlantic Pacific Packaging Ltd) to develop a pail suited for Roti Flour especially to maintain its freshness.

Roti Flour is a lesser refined flour which is extracted earlier in the process of flour milling.

This retains many nutritious qualities of the flour and it being enriched with iron and vitamins with FMFs fortification process, provides a good source fibre and nutrition.

Fiji Times

Monika Singh
Saturday, March 18, 2017