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Roti Flour

Roti Flour is a special blend of flour which is taken before everything is fully refined into Normal Flour. The Roti Flour blend was made for those who used to buy different types of flour and mix it to make their own to provide for their need of fibre in their diet.

Roti Flour is rich in Fibre which experts tell us is an imperative ingredient to eating healthy. Not only that, Roti Flour has important nutrients and iron for the body. Interestingly, there is no need to sieve this flour, as this helps it better retain that fibre - a tick in the box for convenience! Moreover it’s made better by the lovely tasting roti it produces and this becomes a brilliant accompaniment to every meal.

FMF Roti Flour is available in:

10kg, 5kg, 4kg, 2kg

And a special 10kg in Pails for convinient carrying and storage.