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The FMF Brand

The company name was changed to “Flour Mills of Fiji Ltd” in 2011 from which the “FMF” brand was born.  FMF quickly became a household name in Fiji which drove rapid demand and consumption through the Pacific Islands.

1973 - Present

Our Story

It’s been over 40 years since our Flour Mill was established. Only since 1973 Fiji started getting flour that was milled right here in Fiji. FMF had setup Fiji's first flour mill as "Suva Flour Mills Co Ltd" which imported premium Australian wheat and milled flour for everyone.

  • Milling of rice and peas
  • Biscuit manufacturing
  • Snack manufacturing of potato chips, Dalo (Taro) & Cassava chips
  • Instant noodles manufacturing
  • Cardboard carton manufacturing

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