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"For me as a corporate customer, all I can say is FMF’s price, service and quality is excellent. I can’t fault them at all. This is why we’ve been with them for almost 40 years, since we opened the first Hot Bread Kitchen bakery. " - Mere Samisoni

Our Incredible Team

Our Corporate Departments


FMF’s large variety of products have set the benchmark of quality food manufacturing and grace the recipes of many hospitality operators and distributors. We value our role as Fiji’s supplier of choice to upcoming and established businesses. We strive to provide the best support, excellent service and products of the highest caliber to our clients. Talk to us today!


Are you looking to start your own business? Maybe you want a home-based catering business or are involved in product distribution? We would love to help you achieve your dream. Contact us today!


FMF Foods Limited has played a vital role in the success of many bakeries across Fiji. We ensure to provide only the best flour blends, we offer support in bakery training and much more. Find out more by talking to us today.

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