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Historical Presence.

Listed Since 1973.

Since 1973 the company has rewarded its shareholders with three bonus issues. There have also been two share splits to make the shares more affordable and easier to trade in the market.

Our Listed Companies

Currently the total number of shares listed are 150 million shares of 4 cents each. The company has paid out annual dividends in all but one year since its listing, a glowing record in itself. We currently have three listed companies FMF Foods Limited, The Rice Company of Fiji Limited and Atlantic & Packaging Company Limited.

Interested In Investing?

FMF has approximately over 435 shareholders, thousands of Fijians are also indirect shareholders of FMF through FNPF and Unit Trust of Fiji.
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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, chaired by the Group Chairman, Mr. Hari Punja is mandated to own and drive the delivery of the core purpose and vision of FMF and constantly creating value for all stakeholders.

Chairman Emeritus – Mr.Hari Punja

Mr.Hari Punja has been at the helm of affairs of the company for over four decades. Under his dynamic and inspiring leadership, the company has grown exponentially over the years and expanded its portfolio of products under a multitude of businesses. The Group has received many prestigious awards during his leadership, including three Prime Minster’s Exporter of the Year Awards. Mr.Hari Punja has been recognized as a highly successful and influential businessman and community leader in the Oceania region and was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE)in 1977 and the Order of Fiji (OF) in 1998. Mr.Hari Punja continues be an inspiring entrepreneur and a power source for guidance.

Non-Executive Chairman – Mr. Ram Bajekal

Executive Director – Mr. Rohit Punja

Managing Director – Mr. Sanjay Punja

Independent Director – Mr. Pramesh Sharma

Independent Director – Ms. Jenny Seeto

Alternate Director – Mr. Ajai Punja

Alternate Director – Ms. Leena Punja

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